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CD Emergency On Planet Earth


Emergency On Planet Earth

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/1 When You Gonna Learn? /2 Too Young to Die /3 Hooked Up /4 If I Like It, I Do It /5 Music of the Mind /6 Emergency on Planet Earth /7 Whatever It Is, I Just Can't Stop /8 Blow Your Mind /9 Revolution 1993 /10 Didgin' out
/1 When You Gonna Learn? (Cante Hondo Mix) /2 When You Gonna Learn? (Live at the Leadmill) /3 Too Young to Die (Extended) /4 If I Like It, I Do It (Acoustic) /5 Emergency on Planet Earth (London Rican Mix) /6 Revolution 1993 (Demo Version) /7 Didgin' out (Live at the Milky Way, Amsterdam) /8 Brothers Like You (Live at Glastonbury, 1993) /9 God Made Me Funky (Live at Glastonbury, 1993) /10 Music of the Mind (Live at Glastonbury, 1993)