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CD Diana: A True Musical Story


Diana: A True Musical Story

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/1 Prologue /2 Underestimated /3 The Worst Job in England /4 This Is How Your People Dance /5 Snap Click /6 Whatever Love Means Anyway /7 I Will /8 The World Fell in Love /9 Happiness / Simply Breathe /10 She Moves in the Most Modern Ways /11 Diana (The Rage) /12 As I Love You /13 I Miss You Most on Sundays /14 Pretty Pretty Girl /15 Here Comes James Hewitt /16 Him and Her (And Him and Her) / Just Dance /17 Secrets and Lies /18 The Main Event /19 Whatever Love Means Anyway /20 Pretty Pretty Girl /21 The Words Came Pouring Out /22 The Dress /23 An Officer's Wife /24 If (Light of the World)