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Original Album Series (5 CD)

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Odosielame 16.08.2021

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/1 You Got to Get Funkifize /2 What Happened to the World That Day? /3 Flash in the Pan /4 Gone /5 You Strike My Main Nerve /6 Down to the Nightclub /7 You're Still a Young Man /8 Skating on Thin Ice /9 Of the Earth
/1 What is Hip? /2 Clever Girl /3 This Time It's Real /4 Will I Ever Find a Love? /5 Get Yo' Feet Back on the Ground /6 So Very Hard to Go /7 Soul Vaccination /8 Both Sorry over Nothin' /9 Clean Slate /10 Just Another Day
/1 Oakland Stroke /2 Don't Change Horses (In the Middle of a Stream) /3 Just when We Start Makin' It /4 Can't You See (You Doin' Me Wrong) /5 Squib Cakes /6 Time Will Tell /7 Man from the Past /8 Love's Been Gone So Long /9 I Got the Chop /10 Below Us, All the City Lights /11 Oakland Stroke - Additional LP Version
/1 Only So Much Oil in the Ground /2 Come Back Baby /3 It's Not the Crime /4 I Won't Leave Unless You Want Me to /5 Maybe It'll Rub off /6 (To Say the Least) You're the Most /7 Willing to Learn /8 Give Me the Proof /9 It Can Never Be the Same /10 I Believe in Myself /11 Walkin' Up Hip Street
/1 Just Enough and Too Much /2 Treat Me Like Your Man /3 If I Play My Cards Right /4 As Surely As I Stand Here /5 Fanfare: Matanuska /6 On the Serious Side /7 Ebony Jam /8 You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous /9 Vuela Por Noche /10 Essence of Innocence /11 The Soul of a Child /12 Drop It in the Slot