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CD Springtime In New York: The Bo


Springtime In New York: The Bo

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/1 Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) (Rehearsal) /2 To Ramona (Rehearsal) /3 Jesus Met the Woman at the Well (Rehearsal) /4 Mary of the Wild Moor (Rehearsal) /5 Need a Woman (Rehearsal) /6 A Couple More Years (Rehearsal) /7 Mystery Train (Shot of Love Outtake) /8 This Night Won't Last Forever (Rehearsal) /9 We Just Disagree (Rehearsal) /10 Let's Keep It Between Us (Rehearsal) /11 Sweet Caroline (Rehearsal) /12 Fever (Rehearsal) /13 Abraham, Martin and John (Rehearsal)
/1 Angelina (Shot of Love Outtake) /2 Price of Love (Shot of Love Outtake) /3 I Wish It Would Rain (Shot of Love Outtake) /4 Let It Be Me (International 7" Single B-side*) /5 Cold, Cold Heart (Shot of Love Outtake) /6 Don't Ever Take Yourself Away (Shot of Love Outtake*) /7 Fur Slippers (Shot of Love Outtake) /8 Borrowed Time (Shot of Love Outtake) /9 Is It Worth It? (Shot of Love Outtake) /10 Lenny Bruce (Shot of Love Alternate Mix) /11 Yes Sir, No Sir (Shot of Love Outtake)
/1 Jokerman (Infidels Alternate Take) /2 Blind Willie Mctell (Infidels Outtake) /3 Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight (Version 1) (Infidels Alternat /4 Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight (Version 2) (Infidels Alternat /5 Neighborhood Bully (Infidels Alternate Take) /6 Someone's Got a Hold of My Heart (Infidels Outtake) /7 This Was My Love (Infidels Outtake) /8 Too Late (Acoustic Version) (Infidels Outtake) /9 Too Late (Band Version) (Infidels Outtake) /10 Foot of Pride (Infidels Outtake)
/1 Clean Cut Kid (Infidels Outtake) /2 Sweetheart Like You (Infidels Alternate Take) /3 Baby What You Want Me to Do (Infidels Outtake) /4 Tell Me (Infidels Outtake) /5 Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground (Infidels Outtake) /6 Julius and Ethel (Infidels Outtake) /7 Green, Green Grass of Home (Infidels Outtake) /8 Union Sundown (Infidels Alternate Take) /9 Lord Protect My Child (Infidels Outtake) /10 I and I (Infidels Alternate Take) /11 Death is Not the End (Full Version) (Infidels Outtake*)
/1 Enough is Enough (Live) (Slane Castle, Ireland) /2 License to Kill (Live) (Late Night with David Letterman, Marc /3 I'll Remember You (Empire Burlesque Alternate Take) /4 Tight Connection to My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love) (Empi /5 Seeing the Real You at Last (Empire Burlesque Alternate Take /6 Emotionally Yours (Empire Burlesque Alternate Take) /7 Clean Cut Kid (Empire Burlesque Alternate Take) /8 Straight A's in Love (Empire Burlesque Outtake) /9 When the Night Comes Falling from the Sky (Slow Version) (Emp /10 When the Night Comes Falling from the Sky (Fast Version) (Emp /11 New Danville Girl (Empire Burlesque Outtake) /12 Dark Eyes (Empire Burlesque Alternate Take)