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DVD Video Singles Collection


Video Singles Collection

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/1 Just Can't Get Enough (Directed by Clive Richardson) /2 See You (Directed by Julien Temple) /3 The Meaning of Love (Directed by Julien Temple) /4 Leave in Silence (Directed by Julien Temple) /5 Get the Balance Right (Directed by Kevin Hewitt) /6 Everything Counts (Directed by Clive Richardson) /7 Love, in Itself (Directed by Clive Richardson) /8 People Are People (Directed by Clive Richardson) /9 Master and Servant (Directed by Clive Richardson) /10 Blasphemous Rumours (Directed by Clive Richardson) /11 Somebody (Directed by Clive Richardson) /12 Shake the Disease (Directed by Peter Care) /13 It's Called a Heart (Directed by Peter Care) /14 Stripped (Directed by Peter Care) /15 But Not Tonight (Directed by Tamra Davis) /16 A Question of Lust (Directed by Clive Richardson) /17 A Question of Time (Directed by Phil Harding) /18 Strangelove (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /19 Never Let Me Down Again (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /20 Behind the Wheel (Directed by Anton Corbijn)
/1 Little 15 (Directed by Martyn Atkins) /2 Strangelove '88 (Directed by Martyn Atkins) /3 Everything Counts (Live - 101) (Directed by D.a. Pennebaker) /4 Personal Jesus (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /5 Enjoy the Silence (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /6 Policy of Truth (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /7 World in My Eyes (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /8 I Feel You (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /9 Walking in My Shoes (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /10 Condemnation (Paris Mix) (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /11 One Caress (Directed by Kevin Kerslake) /12 In Your Room (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /13 Barrel of a Gun (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /14 It's No Good (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /15 Home (Directed by Steven Green) /16 Useless (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /17 Only when I Lose Myself (Directed by Brian Griffin) /18 Dream on (Directed by Stephane Sednaoui) /19 I Feel Loved (Directed by John Hillcoat) /20 Freelove (Directed by John Hillcoat)
/1 Goodnight Lovers (Directed by John Hillcoat) /2 Enjoy the Silence '04 (Directed by Uwe Flade) /3 Precious (Directed by Uwe Flade) /4 A Pain That I'm Used to (Directed by Uwe Flade) /5 Suffer Well (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /6 John the Revelator (Directed by Blue Leach) /7 Martyr (Directed by Robert Chandler) /8 Wrong (Directed by Patrick Daughters) /9 Peace (Directed by Jonas and Frangois) /10 Hole to Feed (Directed by Eric Wareheim) /11 Fragile Tension (Directed by Rob Chandler and Barney Steel) /12 Personal Jesus 2011 (Directed by Patrick Daughters) /13 Heaven (Directed by Timothy Saccenti) /14 Soothe My Soul (Directed by Warren Fu) /15 Should Be Higher (Directed by Anton Corbijn) /16 People Are People (Alternate 12" Version) (Drct. by Clive Ri /17 But Not Tonight (Alternate Pool Version) (Drct. by Tamra Dav /18 Soothe My Soul (Alternate Extended) (Directed by Warren Fu) /19 Stripped (Unreleased Alternate Cut) (Directed by Peter Care)