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CD Back To The Future: The Musical


Back To The Future: The Musical

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/1 Overture /2 It's Only a Matter of Time /3 Got No Future /4 Wherever We're Going /5 Hello, Is Anybody Home /6 It Works /7 Don't Drive 88! /8 Cake /9 Gotta Start Somewhere /10 My Myopia /11 Pretty Baby /12 Future Boy /13 Something About That Boy /14 21st Century /15 Put Your Mind to It /16 For the Dreamers /17 Teach Him a Lesson, /18 The Letter/Only a Matter of Time (Reprise) /19 Deep Divin' /20 Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) /21 Johnny B. Goode /22 The Clocktower/For the Dreamers (Reprise) /23 The Power of Love /24 Doc Returns/Finale /25 Back in Time /26 Exit Music (Back in Time)