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CD Long Hot Summers / The Story Of The Style Council


Long Hot Summers / The Story Of The Style Council

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/1 Headstart for Happiness /2 Long Hot Summer /3 My Ever-changing Moods /4 Walls Come Tumbling Down! /5 Party Chambers /6 Wanted (Or Waiter, There's...) /7 Shout to the Top! /8 It Just Came to Pieces in My Hands /9 Come to Milton Keynes /10 Why I Went Missing /11 Waiting /12 Ghosts of Dachau /13 Down in the Seine /14 The Paris Match /15 Boy Who Cried Wolf /16 Life at a Top People's Health Farm /17 Homebreakers /18 Dropping Bombs on the Whitehouse (Extended Version)
/1 Speak Like a Child /2 The Lodgers (Or She Was Only...) /3 Money Go Round /4 You're the Best Thing /5 How She Threw It All Away /6 A Man of Great Promise /7 The Piccadilly Trail /8 A Solid Bond in Your Heart /9 All Gone Away /10 Sweet Loving Ways /11 Promised Land /12 Have You Ever Had It Blue /13 It Didn't Matter /14 Spin' Drifting /15 Here's One That Got Away /16 A Woman's Song /17 Changing of the Guard /18 My Ever-changing Moods (Demo) /19 Shout to the Top (Instrumental)