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/1 Disc One /2 Progeny /3 The Wheat /4 The Battle /5 Earth /6 Sorrow /7 To Zucchabar /8 Patricide /9 The Emperor is Dead /10 The Might Of Rome /11 Strength and Honour /12 Reunion /13 Slaves To Rome /14 Barbarian Horde /15 Am I Not Merciful? /16 Elysium /17 Honor Him /18 Now We Are Free /19 Disc Two /20 Duduk Of The North /21 Now We Are Free (Juba's Mix) /22 The Protector Of Rome (Feat. Russell Crowe As Maximus And Richard Harris As Marcus Aurelius) /23 Homecoming (Feat. Joaquin Phoenix As Commodus And Russell Crowe) /24 The General Who Became A Slave /25 The Slave Who Became A Gladiator (Feat. Oliver Reed As Proximo And Russell Crowe) /26 Secrets /27 Rome Is The Light /28 All That Remains /29 Maximus (Guitar By Heitor Pereira) /30 Marikesh Marketplace /31 The Gladiator Waltz (Feat. Russell Crowe) (Original Synth Demo Version By Hans Zimmer /32 Figurines (Yan Ching By Lisa Gerrard) /33 The Mob /34 Busy Little Bee (Feat. Connie Nielsen As Lucilla And Russell Crowe) /35 Death Smiles At Us All (Featuring Russell Crowe And Joaquin Phoenix) /36 Not Yet (Featuring Djimon Hounsou As Juba) /37 Now We Are Free (Maximus Mix) (Mixed By Jorio)